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I’ve Learned.

for 5 months of resting, fixing, and thinking everyday, without doing anything. I’ve learned so much.

"if I have someone who I want to meet again for the first time and be with again?" me: None. even if I have someone I want to. why? because If I wish going back that time and wish that we never broke up. I will never learn what I learned from it. That’s why I’ll not wish for that.

for 5 months, learning without asking “Why”, I learned that “time will give you answers” and that’s the truth, in our Time, go with the Flow is really impossible to think and do. I’m no exception of course coz I’m a human who desires a lot. but what I learned is, That’s actually, The life and The love we want to know. Learn to be one with the Flow. eventually time teach you to Accept to Understand and to be Free. It takes time really, even in my 5 months it feels like it’s 5 years. when you look at everything again, “you’ll just mumble, that ‘wow, its been a while but it feels so long but actually, it’s just 5 months’” Literally, it’s hard to explain what I feel that 5 months.

Love is pain Love is pleasure Love is freedom Love is solitude. but you can’t deny the fact that it’s worth it, coz even it gave grief, it’s worth to feel the unknown. “You can’t just agree with pleasure, once you accept pleasure, you accept pain.” Likewise, Life even it’s hard, cruel, Life is pretty, wonderful, magical. the Yin and Yang.

Love shouldn’t have to be a burden or worry about. Love is a flow, Life is a flow also. You have to learn how to live with a flow.

I’m no exception coz I’m a human, who’s afraid to be alone, to live alone. Everything that we’ve learned is Desire becomes Love. desire to live longer desire to not to be alone. desire of happiness, desire to live without peace. being with the flow, I realize you’ll have eventually what we ask for if we learn to go with the flow.

I can’t explain everything, in a right word coz It’s hard to explain. I hope everyone, experience this. so they understand what I trying to express.

oh well I’m a human with this kind of desires. I am no exception. I just realize everything when I’m with nothing, when I’m moving on, without any answers to begin with.

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